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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 16, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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straight fighting season in that country. the first presidential candidate to notice that wins a prize. the first presidential candidate that talks about how to fix that, ought to win the white house, if our political system made any sense. msnbc's continuing coverage is up next. good morning, everyone, i'm alex witt if new york. just days before the big primary in this state, but most of the candidates are elsewhere, for various reasons. hillary clinton today in california. sanders back from rome with few word on whether he met with the pope and ted cruz wiging it out west. but all of this as cruz and donald trump exchange very different views on the electoral process. >> we have a rigged system. the republican system is rigged. okay. it's a rigged system. >> we are seeing republicans coming together and uniting behind this campaign. >> cruz is going really down. he's the last hope, hoo es the
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last hope to stop trump. that's all he's got going. >> if we unite, we are going to win the republican nomination and if we unite, we are going to win the general election. >> we are voting three days, but we also look at what happens on the campaign's move to the next big election prizes, right here on msnbc. the place for politics. >> as the republican candidates get ready to fight over new york's 95 delegates, donald trump is once again ramping up his charge against the delegate. here's what he said at a rally in connect last night. >> i'm leading in delegates by a lot. you know that delegate system is a disaster the way they count.
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it's a disaster and not fair, not good. and it's not good for democracy. it's not good for what we stand for. but i have to tell you, folks, it's a bad system. it's a dangerous system. because people are angry about what's going on. >> here's how ted cruz summed up his recent victory during a rally in western new york last night. >> there are two and only two candidates that have any plausible path whatsoever to winning the republican nomination. me and donald trump. and what we're seeing happening all across the country is we're suing republicans coming towing and uniting behind this campaign. >> ted cruz is in wyoming today. donald trump and john kasich are holding events throughout new york. their lost ditch effort comes at a time when a brand-new poll shows trump maintaining his lead. kasich in 2nd place, cruz in
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3rd. now on the democrat's side, nbc news confirmed with bernie sanders with his private meeting with pope francis ending speculation whether they would meet during his trip to the vatican. it happened this morning just before the pope left for greece. sanders told my colleagues, they found out they would meet with pope francis last night. we have more live from rome, rather, in gentlemen for you. meantime, bernie sanders is on his way back to the u.s. and will hold a round table in his hometown of brooklyn tonight. hillary clinton has a fundraising event in los angeles. first, let's get to the latest in the republican race and the battle for the delegates. here's nbc's katy tur. >> reporter: donald trump pressing the reset button, changing tone and revising his message to try and avoid a fight at the convention. instead of attacking the rnc, trump is back to bashing ted cruz. in a "wall street journal" op ed, trump is accusing the texas senator of trying to steal the election. writing, will cruz loses when
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people actually get to cast ballots. voter disenfranchisement is not a part of the cruz strategy--it is the cruz strategy. more traditional politics, less trump. no explanation point, superlatives or grand promises. >> i will be the greatest jobs president. >> reporter: nbc news learned the outsider is relying more heavily on his new team of advisers trying to add structures and talking points to the normally free wheeling campaign. trump listen, reading from notes, staying on message at the new york gop gala. >> you say what are new york values? number one, honesty and straight talk. >> reporter: the candidate enjoying the hometown crowd and waking up t an endorsement from its first major paper. the new york post. katy tur, nbc news, new york. >> katy will join us with new reaction from the trump campaign
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in ten minutes from now. let's check in on ted cruz, msnbc's vaughan hillier. ted cruz is not in new york today. so what is he up to? >> ted cruz is actually out in wyoming. and that's a part of where really this campaign has gone. if you are looking here in new york, which i believe we had a sound byte last night from rochester. he's been here the week. he is trying to play up donald trump is connected to the new york liberals. here's that byte. >> donald trump has been supporting liberal democratic politicians for 40 years. donald continues. he says, ted, when it comes to the supreme court. when it comes to religious liberty, you got to learn to cut deals with the democrats and to go along and get along.
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let me be very clear with the men and women of new york. i will not compromise away your religious liberties. >> dead cruz is taking that message. we were in syracuse yesterday tracking him down, up here in rochester, manhattan, the bronx, brooklyn. it's a message that isn't resonating few look at the polls, on tuesday, it will not be a victory for ted cruz. that's why the next week will be a struggle, you are looking at pennsylvania, other northeastern states. that's why we see him out in wyoming where he has a better chance really at these convention-based levels to pick them up. >> that's why you say, he will not win new york, he has to get through john kasich not to mention donald trump to do so. let's turn now to the democrats and bernie sanders confirming he did, indeed, meet with pop francis this morning. we got fresh reaction moments ago. here's what he said. >> today certainly was the
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highlight of the trip. i just expressed my great admiration to him. to see a man of his stature raising issues that are literally transforming the world, speaking so much to young people about the kind of planet that we can be. >> and nbc's anne thompson is joining us from rome with more on that interview w. a day long distance, what else did he say? >> reporter: alex, the alarm when itself off really early for bernie sanders this morning at 5:30 a.m. so he could be up at 6:00 a.m. to meet pope francis in the hallway of the vatican hotel. >> that is where the pope lives and it's where bernie sanders and his wife jane spent the night. it was a brief conversation, about five minutes in length. there was a translator, monsignor was there. he runs the academy where bernie
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sanders spoke. the discussions centered on climate change and income inequality as bern benefit as he said expressed his appreciate yapgs and his angst to the pope for leading the way in these crucial issues we hard about his whole life. now he fit the meeting. why he leaves just days before the critical fork primary. here's his answer to that question. >> i tell you why, i am a great aid mireer of pope francis. when i received this invitation, i believe that i would have kicked myself for the rest of my life if i did not attend the conference here in the vatican to deal with issues that have been important to me in decades. >> reporter: in doing so, did you put the new york primary at risk? is it worth it if you lose the new york primary? >> i don't think that's the way
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it works. we have been working, very, very hard, we had hawaii the other night. >> reporter: is there a political advantage in this trip do you think? >> i don't know that there is or there isn't. the disadvantage is i'm not in new york right now. but, you know, we'll let voters make up that decision. but this was an invitation i received and i just could not refuse. >> reporter: bernie sanders and his family took a quick tour to st. peter's basilica and went to the airport t. sanders campaign is on its way back to new york city for that round table tonight and a big get out the vote rally. alex. >> yeah, i know, anne, we are having audio issuings. i loved reading your notes. he went hand-in-hand and let's face it, they were going to rome. they want to make this a family event as well. so, thank you very much. anne thompson, we will see you
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again from rome. meantime, hillary clinton is heading to los angeles after a friday night san francisco fundraiser. both she and bernie sanders are looking ahead to the string of the new york primaries. let's bring in kate martel, national policy for the hill. kate, i'm reach out to you first here, with more than 200 delegates at stake in new york overall, this a must-win for bernie sanders? >> yes, alex. good morning. this is a must-win for bernie sanders. and i think we really saw the gloves come off on thursday night. he knows he needs to win new york if he wants a shot. at this point passing the nomination means he would need to win two-third of the remaining delegates. hillary clinton only needs a third. that's not kick off the state here and there and divvying up proportional delegates. that means something is going to happen and bernie sanders is trying to show that. a small tidbit is at the end of the debate thursday the two of
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them didn't appear to shake hands. that's a customary thing. >> thatry getting sick of how long this race is going on. bern benefit is upset by the traction he hasn't been getting by the delegates. >> a quick question about his trip to vatican city there. is there anyway that this could hurt him politically speaking? just the fact that he's not in new york and able to build on the momentum he's had, he pointed out 27,000 in washington square park? >> reporter: you know, there is a good chance this won't help bernie sanders. the fact that he's meeting with the pope does help, in fact. look, bernie sanders and hillary clinton both aren't in new york. that's one of the biggest races coming up. hillary clinton as you said is in los angeles fundraising. she is leading by double digits. bernie sanders can't afford to not be in the state. especially when that's his home state. -se from brooklyn. he needs the delegates. he needs the state. the fact that he's not there two
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days from the primaries, sometimes doesn't look great for him right now. >> he is headed back to brooklyn. he will have a round table right there. jane, how might the republican race change in these next half dozen or so primaries? does the geographical favor any one particular candidate? >> i think we are likely to see a benefit. donald trump, it doesn't benefit cruz. i think that's fundament am. he needs to find some district where he can pull delegates off here in new york. he needs to find some moderates to see he's more of an establishment candidate maybe or more of a uniting candidates. he is pushing very hard to unite the party. both candidates really need to pitch the northeastern states that they can unite the entire party. remember, these primaries don't have a huge impact on the presidential race. it's mostly decided by the time it gets to this point. it's sort of a you go out and vote for the pitt romney. whoever is the nominee. these states are pretty important right now. i think it's surprising. it will weigh heavily towards donald trump and maybe even open
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up the door for john kasich. >> yeah. >> casey, rnc, will reportedly meet next week to debate changing the rules for july's convention. this is a system that would allow any more of the delegates to interrupt the debate with injections or debate? how does that change things? what do you think it does that the chances the party could elevate somebody who is not trump? >> alex, it's hard to tell at this point who it will hurt versus help. but what i will say at this point as far as the rnc goes, what reince priebus has been saying, we have been transparent about them. you knew about them all along. however they will change the rules, if it drastically changes the strategies of these campaigns, i think we will see the campaigns kind of blow back fought like how that's going. so however they're going to change it, some people i have been talking to it sounds like the way they might change the rules of the convention, it might be harder for a so-called
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white knight candidate to come in, that's somebody that hasn't ran before, on the ballot. i know there is talk of paul ryan. it wouldn't happen. a candidate like that, these new rules could hurt a candidate from coming in. i will say the people on the rules committee, they are not living under a rock, however they will end up changing all of these rules. they know the impact it will have and whether it hurts donald trump or ted cruz. i can see they won't be happy. >> he slammed the system for taking power away from the voters. after a couple losses in a row, how much do you think it's a sign that he's worried? >> i it signals he has anxiety of getting to the convention. there is no chance he cannot come away with delegates he didn't have. he is likely to lose them to party insiders, who are delegates. but i think he wants to look
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like the democratic candidate, the big winner. he needs that, to push ted cruz as an establishment candidates going against the system helps him. >> how about the fact that he's out there and complaining about this, how much do you think this is a sign, jane, that he's got handlers now. they were looking at the delegates. that's what it's all about? >> yes, he has a very experienced staff who are going out there. i will say they're not winning the delegates on the state, state wide era. he struggled to win colorado delegates even if he has this experienced staff. >> ladies, thank you so much. we invite allf of you to join msnbc jacob soboroff. watch the delegate hunter a special morning on msnbc. she may be doing well, in an area where it is a different story for hillary clinton. i acce rower i used to be.
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. >> hillary clinton holds a strong lead, in upstate new york, she and sanders are essentially tied. msnbc is right there in new york, where the clintons have vacationed in the past. what are you hearing from the voters there? >> reporter: hey, you got it well pronounced, that's right, 1999, way back when hillary clinton was the first lady, she was presumed to be running for a senatestorial spot. she came here to vacation, it didn't win so well. she came off washington, d.c. and stayed in a ten bedroom mansion, beautiful lake front property. and made a pitch for being the working folk.
4:20 am
it didn't buy it. she lost almost every county upstate. she will have to do a lot better if she hopes to hold off a much stronger candidate in bernie sanders. we were talking whether she will do it. this is kathleen who remembers the 1999 and found herself on a treadmill in 1999 when she was in town. i guess the big question is, the time around, is she getting anywhere as she runs? >> yes, she is getting anywhere. she is not just going around and around. because she did a lot for new york state. she duly did a lot for new york state and, but it is hard for her to get around with what's happening in the election. but i think. >> the big question in 1999, she an interloepper or a new yorker. you feel shtime around she established herself as a local, a genuine one? >> she is a new yorker. she did a lot for us. first i think people were excited almost that she was going to come and be our
4:21 am
senator. but then she really did do a lot for us and, you know, i mean, you can almost call a lot of people carpet baggers. but she was, yes, where people are a lot more happy with her. >> whatever big pitch she is essentially going to be the third term of president obama stand in the white house, she is praising his policies and fighting to continue them. is that going to get her far in a place like that? >> no, because we are not happy with what president obama has done. a lot of people here did vote for him. but i think my family has been in politics. i went to political science university. i think a lot of things she has to say right now that maybe aren't her total ideas, but that she is being pushed to do that. but you really need to have someone who knows how to play the political game. >> right. >> not only in the united states but in the world. and she's the most qualified to do that. >> speaking of somebody who is
4:22 am
not a politician, donald trump. donald trump said recently, he's the most popular person ever if upstate new york. does that strike you as accurate? >> yes. >> really. okay. we'll leave it at that. back to you. >> that's extraordinary. thank you, tony, thank you to your guests. well, donald trump, despite the love there, he is on the attack again, he's not going after ted cruz or john kasich who the presidential candidate is targeting now next. you show up. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future, we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills and living trusts. so when you're ready, start with us. doing the right thing has never been easier. legalzoom. legal help is here. find fast relief behind the counter allergies with nasal congestion? with claritin-d.
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the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. >> welcome back, everyone, i'm alex witt in new york. ted cruz is in wyoming. he will deliver remarks at the party's state convention. donald trump and john kasich will hold a total of four events in new york ahead of tuesday's primary. on the democrat side, bernie sanders is on-is way back to the u.s., he will hold a round table. this is sanders' hometown of brooklyn. hillary clinton has a fundraising event if los angeles. say that will both hold them tomorrow ahead of tuesday's primary. kristen kel welker is in new york covering the democratic debate and filed the report. >> reporter: it was a star
4:30 am
studded friday night for hillary clinton, george and amal clooney hosting one of two fund raisers. a whopping $353,000 for each couple just to sit with the democratic front runner. meanwhile, senator sanders wrapping up a trip to the vatican. he addressed social and economic justice. this morning, he told nbc's anne thompson the meeting with the pope was one he couldn't pass up. >> today will be the highlight of the trip. i think he will go down in history of one of the great leaders in this particular moment of world history. >> reporter: late friday, sanders making good on his promise to release his 2014 tax returns. the documents showing sanders made $205,000 and gave over 8 enthusiasm in charitable donations. he touted, sanders returns underscore he hasn't accepted money for corporate speeches. sanders railing against the influence of money and politics
4:31 am
while speaking abroad. >> our very soul as a nation has suffered as the public has lost faith in political and social institutions. >> reporter: clinton is closing in on new york. the latest polls showing her with a lead of 17 points. today, bill clinton will rally voters in upstate new york after his comments on sanders' supporters fell flat with some friday. >> i think it's time that all these youngsters have been so enthusiastic for proponents doesn't sound so good. file a lawsuit and everything will be fine. >> reporter: the sanders campaign filing back the former president was disparageing their supporters as the rhetoric on both sides has gotten increasingly heated in recent days. about 16% of the new york electorate are jewish voters. hillary clinton holds a strong lead in that demographics a. few piece how maybe bernie sander's belief in a two-state solution,
4:32 am
which puts him if second place here in new york. >> as somebody who is 100% pro israel. in the long run and this is not going to be easy, god only knows, but in the long run if we are ever going to bring peace to that region, which have seen so much hatred and so much war, we are going to have to treat the palestinian people with respect and dignitary. >> well, msnbcs a cal perry is outside a jewish store in the upper west side of new york. i hope you grabbed a bagel or two. what are you hearing from voters there? >> reporter: well, hearing a couple things. in a very new york way, they're saying this is really going to matter the jewish vote. you gave the number there. 16% of the electorate will come out and vote. those will be jewish voters. they are telling us, there is no
4:33 am
cohesive jewish vote. as we whip around the candidate ballots, every one has a connection to the jewish community here in. on the democratic side, we have talked about hillary clinton positioning herself as the strongest supporter of israel. bernie sanders group as a young jewish man here in new york and in israel. on the republican side, ted cruz has been courting the more conservative jews for some time. it looks like he will carry that. donald trump, his daughter, converted to judaism. so win look at the candidates, every single one with a connection. they have been court taing that jewish vote. it should play on tuesday. we expect from the democratic side, as you mentioned, hillary clinton will probably carry that vote. on the republican side, it's up for grabs, ted cruz has been courting the orthodox vote. ted cruz has that personal
4:34 am
connection. >> we will check in with you again. let's go now to the gop and donald trump appearing to change his tune. nbc's katy tur is covering the trump campaign. good morning to you. fresh few attacks against the nomination process. but there also seems to be a more measured trump. do you think his newly hired aides are affecting that and changing that approach? >> reporter: absolutely. sources tell me there is a divide in the campaign right now, because he brought on new advisers, who used to be the campaign manager for dove scott walker's campaign when he was running for president. itative come if and they realize they need to start smoothing things over. at least with the party and that's why when you saw donald trump come out in the "wall street journal" yesterday with an editorial, you didn't see him attacking the rnc. instead, it was a very focused attack on ted cruz saying he's disenfranchiseing voters. saying he wins where the voters don't vote. he wins when there is essentially shady back dealing behind closed doors the party
4:35 am
picks delegates. those delegates pledge support for ted cruz. he is not going after the rnc directly as directly as he once was. last night we heard him talk about it in hartford, connecticut as well. let's take a listen to how he put it last night. >> despite the rigging, i think we get there before the convention. i think we do. i'm leading by millions with votes. hillary clinton got up yesterday, she said i have more million votes than trump. i have been running against 17 people. she is rung against oshe is run against one. i would have million more votes tan hillary clinton if i were rung against four or five. >> reporter: one thing, donald trump will always be donald trump. you can advise him as much as you can, you can different him talking points, tell him what to do t. reality is he is going to
4:36 am
trust his gut and instincts. it's part of the reason he has been so successful by talking about how he believes the system is rigged, he is speaking directly to those voters out there who might feel disenfranchised by washington, who don't feel represented by washington. who feel left behind. who are angry at the system. by fought going after the rnc so directly. he is able to potentially not alienate those delegates, the ones he will need at the convention, who are often party loyalists. alex. >> okay. katy tur, thank you so much for that report. we appreciate it. a new ad by an anti-donald trump pac tries to answer the question, what would america look like under president trump? >> a military island in the middle of the south china sea. it's going to be stopped. it's going to be stopped. i'm going to bomb the [ bleep ] out of them. coin. >> air raid sirens have been
4:37 am
going off for several days in new york as the chinese government continues to prepare its military for the war, it has quickly escalated with two nuclear superpowers now on the brink of war. >> well, let's bring in a republican strategist and a trump supporter. scotty, welcome to you. i'd love first of all to get your reaction to that ad and how it matches up with your vision of the trump administration. >> reporter: that is absolutely ridiculous. once again, it's the same package. it presents negativity. that's like having steven king write an adjei begins hillary or bernie. it makes no sense. it shows how much the hatred is by those in the establishment republican party not against necessarily a, the democrats, more importantly, against one of their candidates who actually has a chance of winning the white house. >> okay. what about the op ed your
4:38 am
candidate push u published in the wall street journal, many saying it is noticeably more subdued than his usual rhetoric. what is your take? where it is coming from, do you think it might alienate supporters who came on board with his usual bluster before now? >> reporter: no, actually i think it will confirm his loyalists of his base. listen all that op ed did is point out this is a political system, yes the rules were abided-by-the cruz campaign and kasich. however, it's a rules system that was created by the political system. those politicals that want to stay in power. they want to continue to keep their own in power. >> that pointed out it's not necessarily what the people want. washington, d.c. has become so disenfranchised. the reason why we don't trust them is because they create rules that keep them from having outsiders getting elected. that's the reason we don't see things lime term limits proposed by congress. the last thing they want to do
4:39 am
is vote something that might put them out of a job. mr. trump has come in and defied the notion of the typical politician and for that, they're very angry. >> that op ed pointed out, yes, the rules were abided by. >> that doesn't necessarily mean the rules are right. >> anger versus likability. there are in polling averages from the huffington post. they say bernie sanders has the highest favorability of any of the 2016 candidates. your candidate donald trump has the lowest. even if he gets the nomination. are you at all concerned about his chances in the general election? >> i'm not. when you look at the favorable rating. unfavorable does not mean not voting for. when you talk to those, you are looking at straight republicans or most likely to vote republicans. those do not include those voting for the first time, people engaged, people crossing over, independents. those are what we are seeing mr. trump's base largely being created for right now. folks that don't care about politics decided the election
4:40 am
cycle they were going to get involved. >> that is something the republican party for the last eight years have been screaming they wanted. now that they have someone like that, that can actually offer that type of new footballs and new blood within the republican party, they're ricking at this point necessarily slamming the door on tear face. so that's one ting right now that the republican party has got to decide, is it worth tear demonization in so many cases of donald trump to actually once again throw those people pack into the independents or the democrat's side. >> scotty, you support trump. as a republican strategist, if come july in cleveland, the convention nominates ted cruz, would you support him? >> reporter: absolutely. because before a republican, i'm a conservative. i'm an american. i started off actually supporting ted cruz, scott walker, all those conservatives. at this point you have to realize the machine the democrats have made. hillary clinton is amazing in what she has been able to create. bernie sanders, the passion he has been able to inspire amongst
4:41 am
those folks is incredible. as republicans we have to decide who can go up against them? when is the last tomb you seen a candidate host "saturday night live" and do comedy and didn't make it seem awkward like ted cruz on jimmy fallon. we have a candidate able to real to whether are you a billionaire in alabama or a blue collar factory worker in pennsylvania. these people feel donald trump is their candidate. this is something we have been screaming for, as republicans forever. >> you say you are a conservative and previously would have supported ted cruz and did. what was your turning points? what brought to you trump's camp? >> reporter: i actually supported all of them across. when it comes down, who is going to provide for my family. keep my family safe and be able win. i think electability is a lot of the reasons people support mr. trump. when they realize how strong of a candidate or bernie sander's
4:42 am
crew's strength as well. when you look at donald trump's platform and ted cruz, there are a lot of things they have in common. the things that separate them have to do with more minor issues. when you look at trade policies, mr. trump is definitely someone i think is more pro, has a better economic plan. overall, i think both of them have a lot of things that appeal to the conservative base. both of them are popular. now conservatives should be celebrating. our two candidates are at the top of the ticket. it has caused a big divide which allowed the establishment folks become giddy at the thought of having a broker convention, not only to check out donald trump. but as we can tell, there is a trojan horse to take out ted cruz as well if cleveland if we get to a brokered convention. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. the nastiest in the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, could it bring lasting damage to the party? can they really change the way
4:43 am
voters want. >> i think it's so divide. people either see the one side, a total change is going to be fabulous or they want more help from the government. which is the other side. i've never seen it so split.
4:44 am
4:45 am
4:46 am
>> combern bern and hillary clinton have been campaigning on different coasts. the words nasty and negative are used on a regular basis to describe the race. the sanders campaigned the roughest yet. >> they oppose raising a living wage to $15. 200,000 for them. not 15 for americans. enough is enough. >> joining me is the national director. welcome to you. three days to go here, clinton has a 17-point lead ahead of
4:47 am
sanders. ads like the one we just saw, can that do anything to close the gap? >> i don't think so. hillary clinton talks about this on thursday. she has said with governor cuomo here in new york in the fight for 15. she talked about paid family leave. as she traveled the state. she has been talking to voters about her record both as secretary of state and certainly as the senator from the state of new york, remaining voters about the kind of work that she did. so i don't think it will close the gap substantially as i think she has been able talk to voters and say, hey, i was here for you then. can you be with me now? >> there was that recent washington post article raising the question about the tone of this race, negative and nasty being used. whether this is doing lasting damage to democrats. do you think it is dividing the democratic faithful or this is a part of process nowadays?
4:48 am
>> reporter: i will admit i am a little concerned about it. i was up in albany with the democratic conference and dozens of rural counties in new york talking about this very issue, because she is getting a lot of support upstate but even when i was at the debate on thursday night, you know, there seems to be, certainly passion is on both side. my concern is that a lot of voters will not come out in november, when if their candidate loses and that hurts us as a party. >> that hurts our ability for the ability for our nominee to have coat tails and elect a lot of the candidateles, especially in new york where we ned to turn the democratic hand back him i am concerned about this. i think everybody is talking about it. which is a good sign. i hope we actually have the ability to do it. >> if terms of super delegates. there was that poll finding the majority of democratic primary voters think that super delegates should vote with the
4:49 am
people. donald trump yesterday spoke about bernie sanders' struggle. >> like they're angry, it hasn't been changed, they're angry thinking it's the way they are. they feel like maybe if you shake everything up that, you know, something new will happen. . >> but you watch the round table and it says bernie sanders can't win. why can't he win if he wins all the time? because they have a phony system the bosses pick whoever is running for elections. >> as you know, sanders has won the last couple contests. does donald trump have a point? >> reporter: in this conversation about super delegates, if you take them off the table. if you deal with individuals that would, a candidate would want to get their support anyway, these are individuals that are not on the ballot. so it actually has the ability to get a lot of grass roots individuals, leaders, clergy members to be on the ballot and be delegates represented at the
4:50 am
national convention. so, and we saw this in 2008. there were super delegates that supported hillary clinton that wound up going to barack obama. so they don't have as much, i a lot of people would like to say that they do. the fact they're unpledged means they either don't have to take a position or they can change their minds. it's really about what happens on the ground with those pledged delegates. new york sends 247 pledged delegates to the national convention. those are the foelks that carry weight. >> basil smackle, appreciate that. why some delegates there say they are receiving threatening e-mails. accessible by thousands of suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the rise, mary's data could be under attack. with the help of the at&t network, a network that senses and mitigates cyber threats,
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indiana's republican primary is not for another three weeks. while all 57 delegates have been selected there's already talk that donald trump's fight against the party over the delegate system could get worse. that's because 30 of indian in's
4:54 am
delegates are bound to the primary results on first vote at the convention. but all 57 are free to vote any way they choose after that. a number of delegates like craig dunn who expressed reservations about vote for trump say they've been getting threatening e-mails. joining me now is tom john, chair of indiana gop 7th congressional district and one of the 57 at-large delegates. tom is marco rubio's chair. after reading craig dunn's "washington post" op-ed i read that you, too, have gotten threatening e-mails. what was your reaction to these letters and have these these changed you're out look at the convention? >> i have received e-mails. one in particular was very spooky. it referenced funerals. it referenced my family. it referenced i was being watched. that was very concerning. really took me aback. i'm used to people exercising their first amendment rights and telling me they may disagree
4:55 am
with something i may do. with regard to the convention, you know, we're a ways out from the convention, so whether it impacts who all support or not support it's too early to tell. i realize that these sorts of things are rogue people, not necessarily people -- well, not people associated with campaigns. >> i want to make clear you're not blaming donald trump for this. you're just blaming rogue people that are his fans? >> i'm not blaming donald trump's campaign. i am blaming donald trump's rhetoric because i believe some of his rhetoric and the angry tone of his discussions have probably empowered some of these people to do these things. >> have you ever got teten this kind of blowback during past elections? >> i never have. you will hear from people who disagree with you in a race and that's typical and common. the more personal threats, i had colleagues who also were told to go into hiding or their comments talking about how their home renovations were going, things that were very penl and appears
4:56 am
these people had done some research on who we were and what was going on in our lives. that was a concern. >> i should think. i would hope you would have notified authorities about that. >> we did. >> i know that's your personal business. with regard to donald trump though and point that he is making that this whole delegate issue does not always reflect the will of the voters, does he have a point? >> well, primaries are about the party selecting the best candidate to win in the fall. and in this case we're talking about the delegates are going to represent what the primary voters in indiana do on may 3rd. that being said, if we get to a contested convention and we don't have a nominee with 1237, then you get to a point with these people are being entrusted to make decisions. the important thing to remember is, mr. trump rails against the rnc. these delegates are not selected by the rnc. these are delegates who are grass roots republicans. in fact, when i leave this interview i'm going to go campaign for an indian in state senator who has been long
4:57 am
serving and served the state well. along with me will be probably a dozen other people who are on that delegate list. we're all out there working the trenches in the grass roots for hoosiers. and that's why we're going to the delegation at the convention, because we're people the hoosiers trust to actually do right by the state and do right by the country if hard decisions are made. >> tom john, thank you for your candor. appreciate that. good luck out there today. thank you. coming up, i'll talk with a republican strategist that has worked on six of the last. seven presidential campaigns and we're going to ask how is this year. different from the rest. ok team, what if 30,000 people download the new app? we're good. okay... what if a million people download the new app? we're good. five million? good. we scale on demand. hybrid infrastructure, boom. ok. what if 30 million people download the app? we're not good. we're total heroes. scale on demand with the number one company
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we. hi, everyone. i'm alex witt here in new york. this is the place for politics. here's what's happening. as republican candidates get ready to fight forenew york's 95 delegates during tuesday's primary donald trump is once again ramping up his charge against the party's delegate system. here's what he said at a rally in connecticut last night. >>


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